If you consider submitting an app, have a look at the guidelines below:


The Tabby Awards celebrate organizations who have developed or commissioned the best tablet apps. Please refer to the following definitions.

  • Apps: Eligible tablet applications include:

    • executable software packages which can be downloaded and installed on a tablet device – via a public app store (commonly referred to as “apps”); and

    • web sites which are specifically designed for tablet devices, and which allow app-like functionalities to users (commonly referred to as “web apps”).

  • Tablets: For the purpose of the awards, valid (or acceptable) tablet platforms include:

    • iPad, iPad mini

    • Android OS devices of at least 7 inches

(If you would like to submit an app for another platform, please contact us at

  • Location: The Tabby Awards is a global competition. Your organization can be located anywhere in the world.

  • Language: Your tablet app can be in any language but it will be evaluated by an English-speaking panel of judges. If you submit an app in another language, either you consider that judges do not need to understand that language to properly evaluate your app, or you should provide additional documentation (explanations or translation of key terms) helping the judges to properly evaluate it.

  • Eligible entities: While the competition is about apps, each award is actually given to an entity (an organization or a person) – which may or may not be the same as the organization having submitted the entry. To be eligible for an award, an entity must:

    • either have developed the app (of have been the main/lead developer if the app was developed by several organizations);

    • or be the “publisher” of the app and own its code. (To be clear, you may submit an app which has been developed by a third party.)

Even if you are not eligible, you may submit an entry on behalf of an eligible entity. As an example, a PR or communications firm can submit an entry on behalf of an app developer or publisher. In such case, you must mention an eligible entity in the “Organization which should be declared a winner” field in your submission form.

If you submit as an individual, and if any organization has employed or paid you for developing the app that you submit, we suggest that you check with that organization before submitting the app.

How to submit

  • Tap or click on “Enter now”.

  • You will land on an online submission platform. It will require that you create an individual account with a first name, last name and email address. Only one account can access and update an entry submission form. You can share your account with others. (If you plan to do so, consider using an alias email address which can be accessed by the people who will need an access; but this is not necessary.)

  • After having created your individual account, fill the submission form. Here are the questions which you will be asked:

    • App name

    • Category (each entry is for one of these categories only; you should create another entry if you want to submit the same app in another category)

    • OS platform (each entry is for one OS only; you should create another entry if you want to submit the same app on another OS)

    • One-sentence summary of your app

    • Description and benefits provided by the app (for the judges’ benefit)

    • App price

    • Download URL (typically an app store web link)

    • Install instructions, promocode, video links (optional; please see specific instructions below regarding promo codes)

    • App icon

    • At least two screenshots, preferably in landscape format (they may be used for presentation or promotional purposes)

    • Any additional product/project information document you may want to attach to your submission (optional)

    • Organization submitting the entry

    • Organization which should be declared a winner (if not the same at the one submitting the entry)

    • Contact information for the organization submitting the entry

    • Contact information for the individual submitting the entry

    • Optional individual contacts (tech, PR, etc.)

  • You must pay the fee associated for each entry. In the submission platform, you must add your entry to the shopping cart before you can pay. Once your entry is in the shopping cart, you can click on the checkout button to submit your payment. We will not consider your entry until the associated fee has been paid.

Need to make your app available to judges for free

You must allow judges to install or access your app for free – by providing a web link to a public app store or to a web page where they can download the app, and by providing any necessary access or promo code so that they use your app without any cost to them.

If, to be accessed fully and free of charge, your app requires a promo code, a subscription, a username and password, or any other specific individual condition, here are specific instructions:

  • Describe the general conditions for access in your submission.

  • If you can easily provide, within your submission, access codes with no time limitation (or expiring no sooner than June 30) for up to 16 people, please do so. Please DO NOT provide, in your submission, access codes expiring sooner than June 30.

  • If you can’t provide such access codes (i.e.: with no time limitation or expiring on or after June 30) in your submission, we will send an email message from the domain to the address of the main contact in your submission form at least two business days before the beginning of the preliminary judging round. (Please make sure that the email address you will provide for your main contact, in your submission form, will remain functional and will be checked regularly.) This message will tell you the exact number of access codes required (up to 16). You will then update your submission form with these promo codes within two business days. These codes should be active for at least 28 days and you should state, in your submission form update, when they become extinct.

  • Through the same process, you may be asked for additional promo codes for a final judging round, if your app is selected as a finalist and if the promo codes you provided initially becomes extinct before the final round.

  • Failure to provide access codes on request can result in your app being disqualified.

  • If you app is free and offers in-app purchases, and if you can’t provide codes for the in-app purchases, be aware that your app will be reviewed as a free app, with only functionalities available as a free app.


  • The fee for the first entry is US $95. Subsequent entries are $75  each.

  • The fee per entry covers only one app (or game) in one category. If you submit an additional app, or the same app in another category, or the same app in the same category but on a second OS platform, this will be considered as a subsequent app entry.

  • Fees can only be paid online, only via Visa and Mastercard credit card. (Unfortunately, Amex cards are not acccepted.)

  • Entry fees do not cover the price of your trophy if you win an award. If you win, you will get a complimentary invitation to a ceremony to be presented with a generic trophy, on stage, for a photo opportunity, and you will receive a badge that you can display on your site and in your promotional material. If you want to have and keep your own physical trophy after the ceremony, or if you want us to ship it to you, you will be asked for additional trophy production, engraving and, as the case may be, shipping fees.

Deadlines and other dates

  • Deadline for submissions: March 16, 2014, at 11:59 PM Pacific Time (GMT – 8)

  • Awards ceremony: November 6, 2014, 3:30 pm Eastern Time, at TabletBiz conference & expo in New York City.

Communications with applicants, finalists and winners

  • Finalists and winners will be informed by email of their finalist or winner status, as the case may be, before any public announcement of such status. Winners will be noticed at least one month before the ceremony.

  • Make sure that the contact information you provide is accurate and that the email account that you provide as Main/Administration contact will be checked from your submission until the competition’s final ceremony. FAILURE TO ANSWER INFORMATION OF CONFIRMATION REQUESTS FROM THE TABBY AWARDS WITHIN A REASONABLE AMOUNT OF TIME (at least two US working days) MAY RESULT IN YOUR ENTRY BEING DISQUALIFIED, OR NOT BEING DECLARED A FINALIST OR A WINNER.

For any question, please write to

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