Why Enter

Why you should enter the Tabby Awards /Business and Mobby Awards /Business competition:

  • This is a business competition, where business, productivity, professional and enterprise apps are evaluated by a business-minded jury for a business-focused audience. You don’t compete with consumer and entertainment-focused apps for the judges’ attention.
  • It is a worldwide competition. Winners benefit from the prestige of a global award.
  • We have many categories, reflecting the breadth of apps available to professionals and across organizations. You will certainly find at least one category where your app will shine.
  • We separate, in our categories, tablet-optimized and smartphone-optimized apps. (Smartphone-optimized apps will be recognized as Mobby Awards nominees and winners.) Your app will be reviewed in the device class you know it performs best on — or on both if it’s as good on tablets as on smartphones.
  • Nominees and then winners are announced in widely disseminated news releases and get opportunities to be covered by media.
  • Mentioning that your app is an “award winner” in its app store description and in your promotional material is a huge marketing advantage.
  • If you are an organization having developed or commissioned an app for internal use, winning an award is a good way to stand out as a tech leader in your industry.
  • If your app is for your customers, it’s a good way to show how much you value them.
  • Winning an award is an excellent way to attract, retain and motivate the best talent.
  • Submitting an entry is easy and quick.
  • The only thing you can be sure of is: if you don’t submit, you can’t win (and another app will).

Get ahead of competitors: Select a category, review our guidelines and submit your app.

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