The Tabby Awards /Business welcome tablet app submissions in the following categories:

  1. Collaboration

  2. E-commerce

  3. Communications  (teleconferencing, chat, etc.)

  4. Creation and design

  5. Data access and collection

  6. Education and training

  7. Finance

  8. Government, institution and public service

  9. Healthcare and pharmaceutical

  10. In-the-field (out of the office)

  11. Intelligence, information and reference

  12. IT or business tool

  13. Marketing

  14. Presentation

  15. Productivity

  16. Retail

  17. Sales

  18. Business products and services (related to any B2B activity not included in a specific category above)

  19. Consumer products and services (related to any consumer-focused activity not included in a specific category above; industry examples: entertainment, travel, consumer goods, automotive, real estate, etc.)


If a same app is submitted in several categories, the support information provided in each submission should be – at least in part – specific to each category.

To ensure a fair competition for all entrants, after all submissions have been received, the event’s organizer or the judging panel may combine several categories, may split one category into several ones or may reassign an app from one category to another.

If you have doubts about which section your app belongs to, contact us at

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